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Dragon Island
  • Dragon Island

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    You are a Wizard sent to explore and conquer an uncharted island inhabited by dragons. You will gain fame and fortune by capturing and taming the great beasts, while also building structures to help you in your quest. The Wizard accumulating the most Fame once the Island is completely explored will be the winner.


    • Each player chooses a color and takes the corresponding Wizard Figure, Wizard Screen, Wizard Start Tile, Dragon Pen Tile and 5 Pet Dragon Cards (1 of each color). Randomly decide who will be the start player. Play proceeds clockwise around.
    • Place the 40 Double-Sided Terrain Tiles into the Large Tile Bag.

      2 Player Game: Remove 22 random Terrain Tiles from the Large Tile Bag and play until all the Tiles are gone.

      3 Player Game: Remove 16 random Terrain Tiles from the Large Tile Bag and play until all the Tiles are gone.

      4 Player Game: Remove 12 random Terrain Tiles from the Large Tile Bag and play until all the Tiles are gone.

    • Put the 5 Pet Dragon Lair markers, 20 Captured Dragon Tokens, 20 treasure markers, and the 4 Energy Spire markers next to the play area.
    • Shuffle the 40 Treasure Map Cards and place them in a face-down deck off to one side.
    • Place the Dragon Figures and the Energy Cubes (sorted by color) next to the play area. This forms the Dragon supply and the Energy Cube supply.
    • Place the 40 Gold Pieces in a pile next to the play area. This is the Bank.
    • Place the Wizard’s Keep Start Tile in the middle of the play area.
    • Each player draws a random Tile from the Large Tile Bag.
    • Each player draws 2 Treasure Map Cards and keeps 1. Place the other one on the bottom of the Treasure Map Card deck.


    During the Dragon Island game, you will keep all your Energy Cubes, Gold Pieces, Fame Points, Treasure Map Cards, and Tiles behind your Wizard Screen. Your Pet Dragon Cards start behind your screen and are put in front of your screen when you get a Pet.


    • Place a Tile and Produce (Mandatory) 


    Place a Tile on the board. Each Tile is double-sided and you choose which side will be face up when you play it. The first Tile you place will be your Wizard’s Tower Start Tile. Whenever placing a Tile, that Tile must touch the Wizard’s Keep Tile or at least 2 other Tiles. After placing, take 1 Energy Cube / Gold Coin for the Tile you placed plus 1 Energy Cube / Gold Coin for each Tile that is touching the Tile you placed. If you placed a Wild Tile, declare what color it will be for the rest of the Dragon Island game and place a triangular color marker on it. You may never choose Gold for a Wild Tile. 

    SPECIAL: The Wizard’s Keep Start Tile acts like a Gold Tile for production but is not considered a Gold Tile in any other situation. The Wizard’s Tower Start Tiles act as the Terrain of their color and produce Energy of that color.

          2. Place Dragons (Conditional)

    If there are any Tiles on the board containing Dragon Icons which do not already have Dragons OR Buildings built on them, place 1 Dragon (matching the color of the Tile) on each Dragon Icon. If there are no dragons of that color in the supply, the Icon remains empty. 

          3. Move Dragons (Optional)

    You may spend Gold to move Dragons from one specific Tile to any other Tile on the Board (Pay 1 Gold Coin to the Bank per Dragon you want to move in this fashion). 

    Dragons moved into a Dragon Pen can no longer move and can only be Captured by the owner of the Dragon Pen. You may never move a Dragon to the Wizard’s Keep Start Tile.

          4. Move your Wizard (Mandatory)

    On your first turn, you can only move your Wizard onto the Wizard’s Keep Start Tile or your own Wizard’s Tower Start Tile. Thereafter, you must always move your Wizard so that you end your turn on a different Tile. 

    Wizard Movement: 

           a. Move 1 space in any direction to an adjacent Tile. 

           b. If you own a Pet Dragon, your Wizard may fly to any Tile that matches the color of your Pet and then either move 1 space in any direction OR end your turn on that Tile. 

           c. You can teleport to the Wizard’s Keep Start Tile and then either move 1 space in any direction OR end your turn on the Wizard’s Keep Start Tile. 

    • Deal with any Dragons on the Tile you moved to (Conditional)


    When you arrive on a Tile with at least one Dragon, you must deal with them before anything else. If you do not have what you need to Tame or Capture them, then you cannot move to that Tile.

    There are two ways to deal with Dragons:

           a. Taming a Dragon: If there is only one Dragon on the Tile, you may Tame this Dragon and make it your Pet. You may only have 1 Pet of each color of Dragon. Place the Dragon Pet Card for the color you wish to tame in front of your screen face up. Place 3 of your Gold Coins on it, along with the dragon from the Tile. From now on, you have the Power of that Pet Dragon as long as there is at least one Gold Coin on the Card. If the gold is all lost, you immediately lose the Pet. Place its’ card back behind your screen and its’ Dragon back in the supply.

           b. Capturing Dragons: If 1 or more Dragons are on the Tile, you may Capture them by paying 10 Active Energy. If the Tile you are on is your Wizard’s Terrain, then the Capture costs only 9 Active Energy. 

    • Gain 2 Fame for the first Dragon of each Color you Capture
    • Gain 1 Fame for each of the remaining Dragons. 


    Return all Captured Dragons to the supply and put your Fame behind your screen. Take Captured Dragon Tokens matching the color(s) of any Dragons you have not captured before and place them in front of your Screen.

    Once you have dealt with the Dragons on the Tile, you are free to do the Action of the Tile.

    • Do the Action shown on the Tile you are on (Optional) 


    If the Tile has a Build Icon, Map Icon, Telekinesis Icon, or Gold Coin Icon, you may perform that action (see “The Actions of the Tiles”).

    • Play a Treasure Map Card (Optional)


    Treasure Map Cards may only be played on the Tile you moved to, as long as it does not already have a Treasure Found Marker on it. When playing a Treasure Map Card, X is the Tile you are on, and the adjacent Tiles MUST MATCH the other Tiles listed on the card. Gain the Fame and Gold listed on the card and return the card face down to the bottom of the Map Deck. Place a Treasure Found Marker on the Tile

    • Draw a Tile (Mandatory)


    Draw a random Tile from the Tile Bag and put it behind your screen



    When a player plays the last Tile, the Dragon Island game ends when that player completes their turn.

    • Count up the Fame acquired during the game.
    • Add 1 Fame for each Gold Coin remaining on any Pet Cards you still have. 


    Ages 12+   |   2 to 4 players   |   Play time  60 minutes  

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