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The Full Story

About Us

Hello, we’re Katie and Donavan. We've been doing board game events in the form of pop-up nights since we decided to make our idea come to fruition, they have been a huge plus in helping us understand what people would like to play and what they are interested in as far as events. Each time we host a popup board game night we bring a larger variety of games and snacks and from there we get to work, teaching games to those that don't know the rules or sitting down and playing to get to know everyone. Unlucky Roll Café is a crazy mish-mash of our ideas and hobbies, we wanted to create a space for everyone to fall in love with this awesome hobby. 

Our Backers

  • Eric Carlton

  • Jeni Hirschman

  • Barry Simons

  • Katleen & Eric Guay

  • Betsy Wooters

  • Jen Schultz

  • James Edwards

  • Alycia King

  • Jay & Elizabeth Saltzman

  • Jin Lee

  • Laura Lee

  • MacKenzie Montecinos

  • Jeffery Hunter

  • Matt Holden - Indie Game Alliance

  • Brian Hall

  • Rick May

  • Nicholas DiMartino

  • Xiania Campbell

  • Christopher Pierick

  • Kayla Williams

  • Tara

  • Kelly Forbes

  • Sarah Prahalad

  • Gary Bradway

  • Elyssa Okkelberg

  • Kevin Evans

  • Stephanie Belden

  • Rayn Peterson

  • Kayla Michelle

  • Dj Farnell

  • James Winder

  • Alexander Dargatz

  • Nicole Miller

  • Christopher Robinson
  • The Creative Fund

  • Van Tuan Tran

  • Wendy Bunker-Hanson

  • Ian McFarlin

  • Cody & Jill Brotherton

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